Cody Cutler "Owner" originally started Kansas Trophy Outfitters in 2009. Cody's goals in a Outfitting business was to create a well established name for harvesting trophy whitetails. Cody Cutler has been a lifelong resident of Fort Scott, Kansas, located Bourbon County and is very knowledgeable of all that Southeast Kansas has too offer. Cody is very passionate about the outdoors. He started at the young age of 8 and has been hooked since. He allows time each Deer and Turkey season to introduce the youth to the outdoors, he recognizes they are the future generation that we need to sustain this great heritage.

Our goals at KSTO is to provide out hunters with the best Kansas hunting experience possible, we strive on success and want each and everyone of our hunters to leave our camp happy. Our staff is very knowledgeable about what we do, We scout our animals non stop to make sure we have all our sets in prime locations. We are always open to others ideas on what we can do differently to improve. We feed proteins year round and we have several food plots and mineral sights on all of our farms to improve not only the health and antlers on our whitetails but to improve the chance of hunters harvesting bucks the meet our minimum which is 135+ or 4.5+. We strive on making sure our hunters take mature deer. Our main goal is to keep every one of clients happy and to keep them coming back not only as clients but as friends.







Kansas Trophy Outfitters is Located in Bourbon County near Fort Scott KS. Kansas has been stated to rank as the number one state to hunt for a Boone a Crocket Whitetail and overall ranked as the number 6 state to harvest a booner. Unit 11 has put more booners in the book than any other unit in the state. What makes this unit so great is the vast amount of cover for the deer to hide in.

Kansas Trophy Outfitters has over 5,000 acres of prime property. All of the property mainly consists of hardwood creek bottoms, thickets, agriculture and CRP fields. We have several tree stands setups on traveling routes to and from bedding and feeding areas. Every year we prescout to make sure we our setups our done to the best of our ability to assure our clients a successful hunt. Every year we try to put in food plots to keep the deer healthy, but sometimes mother nature doesn't corr operate with our plans and we take matters in to are own hands and feed and high richened feed when the brows are low.